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In this course we will study the vibrant and ancient teachings of Vedanga, covering the six limbs as well as Vaishnavism, Shakta and Shaivism. The Vedas in recent times have been misconstrued which has lead to people not fully understanding the deeper truths that lie within its teachings.

Audience: For everyone
No. of Sessions: 6
Timings: Saturday 10am – 11.30am GMT
Dates: 06.03.21 | 13.03.21 | 20.03.21 | 27.03.21 | 03.04.21 | 10.04.21

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In this six week course in english we will study the vibrant and ancient teachings of Vedanga, covering the six limbs as well as Vaishnavism, Shakta and Shaivism.

The Vedas in recent times have been misconstrued which has lead to people not fully understanding the deeper truths that lie within its teachings. We aim to explore the most complex and spiritual dimensions uncovering the themes such as:

  • What are the Vedas?
  • What are the 6 limbs of the Vedas?
  • Is it a myth or reality?
  • In depth presentation on Karma and divinity.
  • The importance of Sanskrit
  • Who is Lord Shiva and Durga Devi?
  • What is our Dharma?

9 reviews for Dharma Explore Course

  1. Priya

    An incredibly insightful short course on the foundations of dharma. Remarkably well taught, and engaging throughout. My only regret is that it had to end!

  2. Pramila Sonecha

    I really enjoyed the Dharma Explore Course. There was so much that I have learnt during the sessions. I have grown up and never questioned as we were told to do and we did, but with our children asking questions we need to answer. I am very pleased with the knowledge passed by Prabhu Krishna Kant was really simple but easy to understand. There is so much still to learn so would like to carry on getting the knowledge from you all. Thankyou very much.

  3. Manish Patel

    I’ve grown up in awe of the folklore passed down from generations of grandparents, uncles, aunties and the elder community as a whole. This course has helped me to revive that nostalgia, with factual, cross referenced information and deep understanding which just ~ clicked, and made sense of things that I’d previously accepted without fully understanding the meanings or reasons behind them. This course is very well structured and extremely insightful, backed with recorded sessions and a WhatsApp group for further learning. Prabhu Krishna Kant (& I say that with full respect to a truly amazing teacher) has an aura of intellect, charisma and passion for his subject matter, guaged from his modern and down-to-earth teaching style. Without a doubt, if they ever extend this course i’ll defo’ be signing up.

  4. Haripriya

    A well organised and taught course, which I enjoyed from the word go. Excellent teacher with a wealth of knowledge, who was able to answer all my questions. This course was very helpful to clear so many of my misconceptions about Hinduism. I will register again to tap into the vast ocean of knowledge and I recommend this course to anyone wanting to gain an insight into Vedic scriptures 👍

  5. Rashmi

    This course was worth every minute and penny I spent. Gave me an insight into many many aspects of Vedic scriptures. Teacher, Krishna Kanth prabhu is very well read and explained even the most complex topic in very simple words. I will look out for more courses from COVS Birmingham. Thank you for organising this amazing course 👍

  6. Latha

    An intelligently designed content. Elegantly and effortlessly delivered with authenticity, despite the depth of the subject shared , A great teacher. Enjoyed the company of the fellow explorers thoroughly too Empowering experience, overall. Thank you.

  7. Shivendra Sinha

    A comprehensive introduction to Sanatan Dharma. Enough to inspire one to look into depth of various topics. Provision of references were very helpful.
    The teacher was quite learned and methodology of his teaching was superb.

  8. Shanti Kotecha

    I thoroughly enjoyed and gained lots of knowledge about our Great Religion.
    The Dharma Explore gave me knowledge about Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha.
    About six limbs of Vedas, different topics of Vedas, language of the God, great explanation of Upanishad, the 18 Puranas, our great language Sanskrit and different types of Karma.
    Prabhu Kamalkant Das explained how Jyotish works and what Navagraha are in such a simple manner and very beautifully.
    His explanation and teachings about Lord Shiva and the 12 Jyoti Linga.”
    He passed good knowledge about Maa Parvatiji.
    About Lord Budha.
    All these knowledge is very important as I find my children always ask me about our religion and I feel now I can give them better explanation and also pass my learnings to my grandchildren as well.
    I am lucky that Kajal Paw introduced me to the College and I am very thankful.
    I find all the teachers very helpful and make me feel as part of the group.
    Thank you

  9. Kay

    I was highly impressed with this incredible Dharma Explore Series! Its a rich curriculum touches a lot of bases. I think this course is especially useful for Western people who although maybe have been exposed to Krishna Consciousness may lack exposure to the cultural context in which this philosophy exists. Additionally, this course is also useful for students from an Indian/Eastern background who may have had exposure to some of these concepts but may not know of the true origins. I have loved every week & I’ve learnt so much new information I’ve never come across before!

    The teacher Kamalkanth das is very relatable and has an impressive amount of knowledge and insight to share. People of all ages would show up to the class each week which shows that this knowledge is relevant to people from all walks of life.

    I highly recommend this course to others & I hope that it gets repeated in the future.

    I really admire and appreciate all the work that the COVS has gone onto facilitating this course as well as the work that Kamalkanth das has put into the extensive research & detailed content.

    Please accept my humble obeisances & my appreciation 🙂

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