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Introduction to Vedic Astrology


An introduction to Vedic Astrology

Audience: If your interested in Astrology, this is for you.
No of sessions: 3 (2 hours each)
Facilitator: Kamalakant Das & Chaitanya Lila Devi Dasi
Delivery: Saturday mornings 9am – 11am: Saturday 18th June 2022 | Saturday 25th June 2022 | Saturday 2nd July 2022. Live on Zoom
Cost of whole course: £15



Introduction to Vedic AstrologyJoin us as we delve deeper into the aspects of Vedic Astrology, understanding our subtle Karma that plays a part in our day to day lives. Have we ever questioned why we like a particular food product, clothing, music, book or film? Why do we make certain decisions? Do we need Astrology as practicing devotees?In this course we will study:Why did Donald trump focus on border control?Charts of Vaishnava SaintsCharts of famous personalitiesSpeakers: Kamalakant Das & Chaitanya Lila Devi DasiTime: 9am-11amWhen: Saturday 18th June 2022 | Saturday 25th June 2022 | Saturday 2nd July 2022Donation: £15


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