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About College of Vedic Studies Birmingham

Welcome to our story. We have been established since 2015 and since then, we have successfully run over 200 courses and educated over 2000 students in Vedic knowledge. As of 2020, we have run 22 online courses and started our very own podcast.


Our vision is to inspire individuals with deep purpose and to transform their hearts by connecting them with The Divine through Bhakti.


Our mission is to educate individuals with Vedic principles including: practical philosophy, culture and lifestyle, that encourages their personal inner journey towards happiness and peace.


Our promise to you:  We will warmly welcome you into our community and offer you authentic Vedic courses that will transform your life.

Featured Vedic Courses

Our teachings are based on the Vedas and when we apply this in our daily lives, we harmonise our mind, body and soul.

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