As we are a non for profit organisation, all the work that we do is funded by donations. We greatly appreciate any donations that would help us with our mission to educate individuals with Vedic knowledge. Just click the button here.

In line with our Vedic teachings, we are dedicated to giving back some of the money that we have raised, to other Vedic charities that are aligned with our purpose. The Two charities that we support are below.

Ahimsa Dairy Foundation

The Ahimsa Dairy Foundation is a not-for-profit company that was set up to provide entirely slaughter-free milk.

Food For Life Vrindavan

Food For Life Vrindavan runs schools providing free education, meals, skill training and medical help to over 1500 girls in Vrindavan, India.

Food For All UK

Food For All takes fresh produce that would have gone to waste and turns it into free nutritious hot meals for the community.

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