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Basics of Hinduism from Bhagavad Gita (Recordings)


There is a one off £10 registration fee for this.

You will get access to 40+ weeks of videos with many colourful presentations

Why it is good for you child/teen to access this knowledge?

To be successful in conquering the outward world means understanding how to conquer the inner simultaneously:

– Being determined in their goals at school and extracurricular activities

– Developing fearlessness

– Overcoming challenging situations

– Striving for the best despite difficult circumstances

– Dealing with peer pressure

– Understanding the everchanging world around them and so much more




Want your child to learn about Hinduism but don’t know where to start?

Look no further! Here is a course that will start from the basics and develop your childs/teens knowledge further.

It will give them:

– The foundational knowledge of Sanatana Dharma

– Confidence in understanding the basics of Hinduism

– Ability to deal with life’s challenges with wisdom from the Gita

– Understanding the value of time and how to use it wisely

– The ability to explain to others what Hinduism is about…..and so much more

Topics Covered

–       Who am I? ….Soul

–       Where am I?…the Material World

–       What am I doing here?…..Karma and Re-incarnation

–       How long am I here for? ….Time and Yugas

–       Is there something beyond this world? …..Bhagavan and Paramatma

–       The Hindu creation story & Basic Vedic Cosmology

–       Bhagavad Gita explained simply Chapters 1-18

–       Various Festivals, their spiritual significance & how they are celebrated

–       Special Feature: Parents area (Avataras Explained, Controversies of Ramayana demystified, What is Dharma? History of Sanatana Dharma)

Benefit of the recordings is that you can go through with your child at their own pace.

Only £10 for more than 40 sessions packed with wisdom!


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