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Basics of Hinduism from Bhagavad Gita (Recordings)


Wanting to be successful in life of the outward world means to understand how to conquer the inner:
– Being determined in your goals at school and extracurricular activities
– Developing fearlessness
– Understanding the everchanging world around you and so much more

Audience:  Aimed at ages 7-16
Teaching: Ongoing (Saturday mornings).
No. of videos: Recordings available for prior sessions 36+ sessions.



Want your child to learn about Hinduism but don’t know where to start?

Look no further! here is a course which will teach your child the basics.

It will give them:
– The foundational knowledge of Sanatana Dharma
– Confidence in understanding the basics of Hinduism
– Ability to deal with life’s challenges with wisdom from the Gita
– Understanding the value of time and how to use it wisely
– The ability to explain to others what Hinduism is about…..and so much more

Topics Covered
–       Who am I? ….Soul
–       Where am I?…the Material World
–       What am I doing here?…..Karma and Re-incarnation
–       How long am I here for? ….Time and Yugas
–       Is there something beyond this world? …..Bhagavan and Paramatma
–       What is the Hindu creation story?

Benefit of the recordings is that you can go through with your child at their own pace.
Only £6 for more than 6 sessions packed with wisdom!


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