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Exploring the Vedas (ongoing)


This course is ongoing Saturday Mornings.

Along with access to live classes you will be given access to the recordings of 40+ weeks of videos with colour presentations.

A one off £10 registration fee:




Many of us hear the words Vedic Scriptures, or the Vedas, did you ever wonder what wisdom is contained within them? What subject matters are covered? Whether the knowledge is still relevant to us today?

This course provides a week by week exploration of:

  • What are Vedic Scriptures?
  • What are the main topics?
  • How are they relevant to my life today?
  • Space, time and creation, the Big bang or something more?
  • What science isn’t telling us…
  • Epics are they history or mythology?
  • What are the Upanisads?
  • What are the ten topics that are covered by all the different Puranas?
  • ……….and much much more….

There is the added benefit of the recordings, in case you miss a session or you may wish to go through it with your child/teen at their own pace.

Only £10 for more than 40 sessions packed with wisdom! See your child’s confidence in their faith grow deeper and deeper!


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