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Exploring the Vedas (ongoing)


Audience:  Aimed at ages 7-16
Teaching: Ongoing (Saturday mornings).
No. of videos: Recordings available for prior sessions 36+ sessions.



Exploring the Vedas
So many Vedic Scriptures, how to make sense of them?

Audience: Aimed at ages 7-16
Teaching: Live on Zoom – Ongoing (Saturday mornings).
Resources: Recordings available in case sessions are missed
Price: £6

Want your child to learn about Hinduism but don’t know where to start?
Look no further! here is a course which will teach your child the basics.
It will give them:
– The foundational knowledge of Sanatana Dharma
– Confidence in understanding the basics of Hinduism
– Ability to deal with life’s challenges with wisdom from the Gita
– Understanding the value of time and how to use it wisely
– The ability to explain to others what Hinduism is about…..and so much more

So many Vedic Scriptures, how to make sense of them?
A week by week exploration of:
-What are Vedic Scriptures?
-What are the main topics?
-How are they relevant to my life today?
-Space, time and creation
-Big bang or something more?
-What science isn’t telling us…
– Epics are they history or mythology?
and more….
There is the added benefit of the recordings, in case you miss a session or you may wish to go through it with your child at their own pace.
Only £6 for more than 6 sessions packed with wisdom!



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